Premium Roasted Green Pumpkin Seed | Biji Labu Hijau

Weight: 250g

Savor the natural goodness of our Premium Roasted Pumpkin Seeds "Biji Labu Hijau", a delectable treat that encapsulates the essence of wholesome snacking. These seeds are meticulously selected and expertly roasted to offer a satisfying crunch and a burst of nutty flavor that's simply irresistible. 

Grown with care and roasted to perfection, our pumpkin seeds are a powerhouse of nutrients. Packed with protein, healthy fats, and essential vitamins and minerals, they make for a brilliantly nutritious snack option. The inherent richness of pumpkin seeds is elevated through our roasting process, resulting in a harmonious blend of taste and texture that's perfect for any occasion.

Enjoy these seeds on their own for a quick and nourishing snack, or sprinkle them over salads, yogurt, or even your favorite dishes to add a delightful crunch and boost of nutrition. With antioxidants, zinc, magnesium, and more, our Premium Roasted Pumpkin Seeds offer both taste satisfaction and wellness support in every bite.


  • Premium Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Storage Instructions: To uphold the exceptional flavor and crunch of our pumpkin seeds, store them in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and moisture. Seal the package tightly after enjoying or transfer the seeds to an airtight container to preserve their freshness. Elevate your journey of taste and nourishment with these premium roasted pumpkin seeds that encapsulate the essence of natural goodness.