Kerepek Ubi Batang Kari

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RM16.00 MYR
Weight: 500g

Embark on a flavor journey with our  Savory Kerepek Ubi Panjang Kari - Curry Flavoured Cassava Sticks, an exquisite blend of premium cassava roots and the rich warmth of curry spices. These chips are a symphony of taste that combines the hearty crunch of cassava with a bold and aromatic curry kick.

Crafted with care, each chip starts with the finest cassava, sliced thin, and expertly fried to perfection. The magic happens as we infuse the chips with a fragrant curry seasoning that dances on your palate, creating a sensory experience that's nothing short of captivating.

From the first bite, you'll be greeted by the robust flavors of curry that meld harmoniously with the natural creaminess of cassava. Whether you're seeking a snack to tantalize your taste buds or a conversation starter for your gatherings, our Savory Curry Flavoured Cassava Chips deliver an irresistible fusion of texture and spice. 


  • Premium Cassava Roots
  • Curry Seasoning
  • Cili Powder
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Vegetable Oil 

Storage Instructions: To uphold the exceptional flavor and crunch of our cassava chips, store them in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and moisture. Seal the package tightly after enjoying or transfer the chips to an airtight container to ensure their lasting freshness. Elevate your snacking adventure with these curry-flavoured cassava chips that bring an enchanting twist to the world of gourmet snacking.