Flying Fish Biscuit | Biskut Ikan

RM5.90 MYR
Weight: 250gm

Discover one of the favorite's biscuit of all time - FLYING FISH BISCUIT | BISKUT IKAN KECIL. It is fresh from factory. 



HNL Products began with a vision to promote the inheritance of Kacang Putih industry as the traditional snack food in Malaysian culture and create a food manufacturing company that Malaysians can be proud of.


•Fresh and direct from factory. Since 1998, we always stick to our freshness guaranteed promise to our customers. We produce our snack foods daily and sell it to the consumers so that it maintains fresh in taste. We want our customers to experience the freshness of our products.

•Authentic taste, NO preservatives and NO artificial coloring. We use the finest food ingredients, curry powder and spices to provide a better tasting experience. You can consumer our products safely.

•Halal. All the snack foods produced and distributed by our company are certified Halal by Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM). HNL’s interest in Halal was borne out of social responsibility and respect for our Muslim consumers. We are committed to ensure the peace of mind of all consumers.

•Because you are buying the products directly from factory, therefore you are getting it at a much lower price (of at least 20% cheaper) compared to what you get outside.

•Perfect for party for birthday, wedding, event and more. Goods things are better when shared with others.

•This product is best consumed within 12 months.