Healthy Mixed Nuts

RM9.90 MYR
RM20.00 MYR
Weight: 250g

Elevate your snacking experience with the wholesome goodness of our company Healthy Mix Nuts. These nutrient-packed nuts are a flavorful delight that combines taste and nourishment in every bite. 

Enjoy them as a satisfying snack on their own or incorporate them into your favorite recipes to add a touch of depth and nutrition. Whether you're seeking a convenient and nutritious snack or an ingredient that enriches your culinary creations, our nuts offers a delightful way to infuse your diet with goodness. 


  • Kacang Soya Hijau
  • Kacang Soya Hitam
  • Kacang Gulabi Merah
  • Kacang Shandong 

Storage Instructions:

Maintain the quality and freshness of our snacks by storing them in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and moisture. After opening, ensure the package is resealed tightly or transfer the beans to an airtight container to retain their taste and texture. Elevate your snacking moments with these nutrient-dense beans that deliver both flavor and nourishment.