Muruku Ikan Pedas | Fish Muruku Sweet & Spicy Flavoured

Weight: 500g


Experience a rollercoaster of flavors with our Muruku Ikan Pedas Sweet and Spicy Muruku – a tantalizing adventure for your taste buds that combines the best of both worlds. This snack is designed to take you on a journey where the playful dance of sweetness and the fiery kick of spiciness create an explosion of deliciousness.


🌶️ Fiery and Sweet: Indulge in the thrilling contrast of intense spiciness and delightful sweetness, meticulously balanced to awaken your senses.

🍯 Caramelized Wonder: Enjoy the rich caramelized notes of sweetness that coat each piece, offering a perfect complement to the sizzling spice.

🌽 Traditional Roots: Our Sweet and Spicy Muruku is rooted in tradition, made using time-honored techniques that have been reimagined with a bold twist.

🌱 Vegetarian Delight: Embrace a vegetarian-friendly snack that bursts with bold flavors, making it a universal treat for any palate.

🎉 Unforgettable Snacking: Whether you're seeking an exciting solo snack or an unforgettable party addition, our Muruku delivers on taste and excitement.

🍻 Pairing Pleasure: Elevate your snack time by pairing our Sweet and Spicy Muruku with your favorite beverages for a combination that's refreshingly addictive.


Yellow Dhall Flour, Tapioca Starch, Cili Powder, Curry Powder, Sugar, Salt, Vegetable Oil.

Experience the Fusion:

Sweet and Spicy Muruku beckons you to embark on a gustatory adventure where every bite is a delightful surprise. The mingling of contrasting flavors creates a symphony of taste that's hard to forget. Whether you're craving a unique snack sensation or looking to add a bold element to your gatherings, our Muruku promises an exhilarating journey that showcases the art of flavor fusion.